According to Deadline, Actress Maria Sten joined the cast to play Liz Tremayne, in Swamp Thing‘s first season. Sten is set as a series regular.

Liz Tremayne, a close childhood friend of Abby Arcane’s, who splits her time between reporting for the local paper and bartending at her aging father’s roadhouse bar. Her no-nonsense attitude belies a deep compassion for her friends and family as she sets out in her uncompromising quest to expose the secrets that threaten her beloved hometown.

Maria Sten joins cast Swamp Thing as Liz Tremayne

Maria Sten is known for her roles in “Channel Zero” and “Straight Outta Compton”.

Swamp Thing is set to premiere in 2019 on the DC Universe digital subscription service.

For more information on Swamp Thing and the other exciting new DC Comics Television series, stay tuned.

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