According to Deadline, Actor Brendan Fraser joined the cast to play Cliff Steele, AKA Robotman, in Doom Patrol‘s first season.

A former race car driver, Cliff Steele was in a horrific accident that left his body uninhabitable. Cliff’s brain was saved by the mysterious Dr. Niles Caulder and he lives on in a powerful robotic body.

Fraser will provide the voice-over for Robotman and will appear in flashback scenes as Cliff Steele. Riley Shanahan has also been cast in the role of Robotman. He will provide the physical performance of the character on stage in full body costume.

Brendan Fraser joins cast Doom Patrol as Robotman

Brendan Fraser is known for his role in “The Mummy” and “The Affair” and is repped by Gersh, Brillstein Entertainment Partners and Patti Felker.

Doom Patrol is set to premiere in the near future on the DC Universe digital subscription service.

For more information on Doom Patrol and the other exciting new DC Comics Television series, stay tuned.

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