DC Comics has released a 4-page preview and cover of TITANS HUNT #4 comic, that will be out January 20 as a print edition.

The comic is written by Dan Abnett, Art by Paulo Siqueira and Covers by Ed Benes & Scott McDaniel.

The official synopsis of TITANS HUNT #4 comic:

Enter Hawk and Dove…drawn to a mystery that threatens to destroy the perfect balance of their partnership. And the lost and scattered Titans-Dick, Donna, Garth, Roy, Gnarrk, Mal and Lilith-battle to discover the dark secret that unites them, but time is running out. Can they make sense of their twisted dreams before the escalating nightmare overwhelms them?

Pages: 32
Price: $3.99

Page PreviewClick the image to enlarge.

Page 1 Page 2
Page 3 Page 4


CoversClick the image to enlarge.

Print Edition

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