DC Comics has released a 5-page preview and cover of the BATMAN: EUROPA #3 comic, that will be out December 30 as a print edition.

The comic is written by Matteo Casali & Brian Azzarello, Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli & Diego Latorre and Covers by Diego Latorre & Francesco Mattina..

The official synopsis of the BATMAN: EUROPA #3 comic:

Weakened by a deadly virus, Batman arrives in Paris to find some answers. But with The Joker along for the ride, Batman’s guaranteed to face terrifying challenges as they follow a trail that leads to their common enemy.

Pages: 40
Price: $4.99


Page PreviewClick the image to enlarge.

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
Page 4 Page 5


CoversClick the image to enlarge.

Print Edition

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